Did you know there are some businesses that get the best revenue from the ads on television when compared to the other modes of ads even in this era of the internet? One of the best parts of local television advertising is that it conveys the right message in a short time. Moreover, television ads are videos, and visual aids will help to attract customers easily. The cost of television ads is higher as they hold high potential. But, when you hire the right TV advertising buyers, you can find the best TV advertising rates.

Local TV Advertising Costs

According to a recent study, there are some television advertisements which cost $5 million for just a 30 or a 40-second video. The costs of local TV ads vary based on different factors, and a few among them are listed below.

The Type of TV Shows You Choose

The TV show you choose for your local TV advertising is one of the crucial factors that decide the best TV advertising rates. If you are choosing the wrong TV show, all your efforts will go vain. Based on the TV shows during which you want to display your ads, the companies will have variable rates. Some of the popular reality shows like have larger CPM (CPM is the cost for a thousand people viewing your ads. This is the usual method of deciding the rates for CPM rates) compared to other shows.

Demography of the Audience

Another important factor that plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of your TV ads is the demography of the audience. When you are choosing local TV advertising to target audiences who will have higher chances of converting and buying your products through your ads, you can gain more exposure and increase brand awareness.

Location of the TV Ad

If you are running a location-based small business, it’s a better option to choose to show your advertisements only in that region. The cost of TV ads for bigger cities is a bit higher than in rural areas.

The Time Your Ad is Displayed

The time of the year and the time of the day play a significant role in deciding the cost of your local television advertising. When you book a slot during the special occasions like Christmas and New Year or during the weekends, the cost of TV advertisements will be higher than the regular days. The high rate is due to the huge viewership on these special days. Similarly, the cost of ads displayed during the afternoon slot is less than the night slots.

The Length of the Ads

The common duration of local TV advertising is two minutes or longer than that. But, the length of common ads displayed or less than a minute. You can get the best tv advertising rates for ads of short duration as the cost of running a television ad of about 20 seconds is lesser when compared to its lengthier counterparts.