Since the pandemic broke, consumption of TV and Catch Up TV has increased substantially. This has provided an opportunity for businesses to reach audiences at mass scale through TV. If you are looking to improve brand awareness and reach your audience with the help of TV advertising, these are the things to keep in mind.

It’s More Cost Effective than You Think:

TV is not just peak night MAFs, Celebrity Apprentice and major sporting events. With the spread of digital channels, marketers and businesses can reach target audiences in more cost effective ways. Each digital TV station is skewed to a demographic so finding your audience is easy AND you buy ads in Sydney or Melbourne metro for under $10! A reliable ad service always has the best TV advertising rates too.

Consider Your Demographic:

TV reaches 93% of Australians. Consider your target market and make sure that advertising through television is effective for your business. By connecting psychographic and demographic information, you will know if TV advertising is for you. Now that you identify the right audience, check the statistics to understand what people watch and how do they respond.

Allocate a Budget:

Prescribe a budget after you decide where and how often your commercial must be played. Besides the expenses involved in ad placement, your budget should also take into consideration the tv advertising rates, audio & video equipment, all the supplies necessary for filming the commercial, video editing charges, payment for the actors & film set, and any other fee involved.

Producing a TV Commercial

This is less expensive than you think. Graphics based commercials in the right hands look amazing and can be done for under $2,000

Audio Equipment:

In order to add voices, music, and the right sound effects for your commercial, choose the right audio equipment. Just because you have an eye appealing video, doesn’t mean that your commercial will be well received when the sound quality is poor.


A catchy script is necessary to entice your viewers or potential customers. An entertaining and thoughtful commercial will encourage people to learn more about your product or service. Make sure the script includes everything including dialogues, instructions for the cast, setting up cameras and lighting, product placement and more.

Call to Action:

Persuade your viewers to take action at the end of the commercial. A proper call to action you provide will let viewers know where they can find your product or service. Add your company website or the location of your store at the end of the commercial to generate sales.

Ready to set up a TV advertising campaign? Talk to a professional advertising service to create the perfect commercial at the best tv advertising rates, and deploy a campaign that delivers results.