Television has been around for more than nine decades. It has proven itself able to withstand the test of time and is still even growing in scale. Just in Australia, TV advertising and entertainment reaches an average of 18 million people per week generating fame and word-of-mouth that no other media can achieve.

This medium was first used for entertainment. However upon entering the 21st century, the perspective shifted from entertaining people to solidifying business transactions with potential clients. Since then, mass media has become a marketing success. Nothing can beat the reach of television in terms of broad targeting.

Why advertise on TV?


Television as a mass media has a broad reach which is an efficient way to broadcast to more people. While other media focuses on a specific demographic to advertise certain products, TV can reach an unimaginably wide number of potential customers. TV’s way of targeting the whole market achieves double the profit when compared to targeted advertisements.

Emotional Connection

TV is a medium that tells narratives and evokes emotion. This means that best television ads create a bond between your market and your product. When you’re selling a product or your service, people often buy your story. Advertisements that capitalize on people’s emotions tend to succeed the most. Find great teams by checking their TV advertising rates relative to their creativity and experience.

Brand Safe

Unlike other media platforms, TV is heavily regulated. This means that everything and anything you see on your screen has been deemed worthy of mass media consumption by a qualified committee. Regulations like this are important because the context your advertisement is put in can significantly affect its efficiency. People trust the television because of this level of monitoring.

TV is everywhere

TV is evolving. Televisions used to be big and heavy. They used to be things that stayed in the living room for long periods of time. Now, televisions can fit in your pocket or in your bags. It is now common to find streaming services in your tablets or your phones. TV has penetrated these technologies in the past years and now, TV is literally everywhere.

The best TV advertising rates don’t have to be as costly as you think. Great advertising companies focus on research and creativity. It’s important to consider that TV’s broad reach will not be effective on its own. For an ad to be successful, it has to be paired with real data gathered from the target demographic and limitless imagination by the advertising team. When meeting with your team, remember to be open with your goals whether they might be long or short term and be specific with what you want to see. This way, advertising agencies can properly assess which variable to focus on.