The digital era gave way to the rise of the different forms of online marketing. The popular use of handy gadgets and other technologies like desktops and laptops have created a mindset that TV advertising and other forms of traditional advertising are now ineffective. However, recent research proved this thought to be wrong.

With the impressive research findings, marketers from various industries can now stay put and relax knowing that the budget they have spent for the different TV advertising rates will give them the ROI that they expect. Let us know more about the important findings from this data-driven advertising research.

As a response to marketers’ concerns about TV advertisements effectiveness, a study was recently conducted by Australian media group ThinkTV. The study led by Monash University Professor Peter Danaher assessed how TV impacts customers’ immediate response. With the aim of having objective data to support the idea that TV is effective in boosting corporate short term sales as well as promoting long term campaigns, the research team assessed around 850 ROI observations from the marketing campaigns of 60 brands through the years.

TV Marketing Still Have Great ROI Share

True to its assumptions, this specific research showed that TV marketing remains an effective advertising tool in the present times. It is an eye opener to companies after showing that this form of advertising still contributes at least $18.30 in ROI for each dollar spent by the marketer.

Of all the different mediums that companies can leverage to increase their revenues and profits, TV ranked the second best. This is proven by the fact that TV advertisements post $4.30 return during the first quarter of every launched campaign.

The impressive research findings don’t end there. Among the key results of the study showed that TV posted the highest ROI longevity as compared to other marketing mediums which ROIs lower through time. With these findings, companies can truly maximise their ROIs by ensuring that they still get the best TV advertising rates available in the market. Through this they can earn more by spending less.

Personal Thoughts From the Study

One of the positive points that we can get from this research is that it is still too early to say that the digital era can easily end the power of TV advertising that it has established through decades. Yes, the digital era has opened new marketing opportunities for companies but these are still best combined with our traditional TV marketing campaigns.

As the study shows, television advertising is still in the forefront of building brand awareness especially to a diverse consumer base. It is not just posting high ROIs for short term revenue or profit goals, it is cost efficient that it allows marketers to also invest in the other high performing marketing mediums.