About Us

Get the Best Media Rates for your advertising

About Us

Get the Best Media Rates for your advertising

Get the Best Rates for Premium Advertising Media

We are media buying experts. Put simply, we have arguably the best media rates available in market.

How? With over 20 years DIRECT media buying and advertising experience, backed by volume media spends, we have established the lowest ad rates available in the market. And yes, this covers premium media including peak night TV, breakfast and drive radio rates, home page digital takeovers, catch up tv, spectacular billboards, bus wraps, airport advertising.

In other words, we deliver PREMIUM MEDIA at The Best Media Rates.

We have the relationships and know-how to secure your business the very best media deal for your campaign. Backed by highly strategic, knowledgeable and skilled media & marketing professionals, we ensure it’s not only the very best media rate, but that you get very best ROI for your investment.

We are media agnostic

What does that mean for you? As an independent media buyer we give you a clear pathway to plan and book stellar media campaigns across multiple platforms – not just one media or one channel unlike some direct deals.

BMR works on the problem/solution theory

If we don’t believe it will work for you, we’ll speak up and give you a media solution that works.

BMR plans and buy the best media rates across TV advertising, Catch Up TV advertising, Radio advertising, Digital Display advertising, Billboard advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Bus Shelter Advertising, Buse Advertising, Train Advertising, Shopping Centre Advertising and Airport Advertising.

And in the rare case where you may find a lower rate (this occasionally happens in regional radio markets) simply provide us the written quote that not more than 30 days old and we’ll beat it by 10% subject to the media being available. That’s our price guarantee.

The very best creative and production rates.

Over 20 years, we have written and produced hundreds of Radio and TV commercials, social videos, digital display ads, outdoor and press ads.

We have a pool of Australian creative and production collaborators across TV, Radio, Social, Video/3D, Graphic Design, Digital Ad Production (HTML5/Rich Media/Animated GIFs) Responsive Web Design and Landing Page.

With BMR it’s easy and affordable to make ads.