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Radio Advertising

We deliver the very best Radio advertising media rates

Radio Advertising

We deliver the very best Radio advertising media rates

Local Radio Advertising Costs

We love radio, and radio stations love us.
Get low radio ad costs, great radio advertising rates and frequency. Radio builds brands

Radio Ad Campaigns from as little as $5,000. Speak to us today.

At BMR, we have been working in radio for over 20 years. We know every trick in the book to secure our clients the best rates, the best value-adds and the most influential creative at the best advertising prices.

Radio is more than putting a 30 second recorded ad to air. It’s about mining the audience and aligning that audience with your brand. Your audience doesn’t listen to just one radio station, just like they don’t watch one TV Channel.

A schedule could comprise Breakfast with Kyle & Jackie O & Chrissy; Sam and Brownie on Nova Melbourne; a news sponsorship on WSFM Mornings with Mike Hammond and a weather sponsorship on Smooth FM.

If you’re looking at buying direct with one radio station, think again. They can only sell you the stations they represent, not where your audience listens. At BMR, we use GFK survey data to align your target audience with the right radio stations and then build the best reaching schedule to achieve success. Want to know more? Call today and ask us about our Price Guarantee

Want to see how your preferred radio station is performing in the ratings? Check Survey 1 Radio Ratings Now.

Radio Commercial

And if you need radio commercial production – scripted and produced, talk to us now. BMR can create it for half the cost of the radio stations. We have access to hundreds of voice-over artists and can turn an ad around in one hour!

If you want a real deal with real Radio advertising costs, Contact Best Media Rates Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in offering our clients the lowest possible for the best radio advertising rates. Our radio advertising rates are always up for discussion, depending on your requirements and budget.

As a radio advertising agency, we are happy for you to send in more than one radio ad to be distributed through our radio channels.

Generally, radio ads can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as 30 seconds! However, the longer the running time, the higher your radio ad cost will be.

Best Media Rates has up-to-date radio advertising rates with Fox 101.9, Grand Broadcasters, Southern Cross Austereo, Ace Radio, ATN, 6PR882 News Talk, 97.3 FM,, nova, KIIS 1065, Classic Hits WSFM 101.7, and hit 105 Brisbane. Generally, for local radio advertising costs, we will hand the same ads to two or three stations, depending on the client’s preferences and requirements.

Even with the best radio advertising rates, scheduling is generally something that is up to the radio station. However, we can definitely ask that your radio commercial is played during a certain period, such as during prime time (around 6am – 10am, which is the heaviest traffic time with the most listeners).

Definitely! However, in this case, our radio advertising costs will be a bit higher, as there will be an additional fee for production. However, please be assured that our prices will still be half the cost of other radio advertising agencies and other radio advertising companies!

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