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Billboard Advertising

We deliver the very best Outdoor advertising media rates

Billbard Advertising

We deliver the very best Outdoor advertising media rates

Billboard Advertising | Best Media Rates

Billboard Advertising Prices

Outdoor Ad campaigns from as little as $5,000. Speak to us today.

Our experience and relationships with the major out of home media providers mean you get the very best media rate across Digital AdvertisingStatic Outdoor Advertising, Bus & Bus Shelter Advertising, Train and Train Station Advertising, Shopping Centres, Airports, Gyms, Tower Lobbies and Elevators, Doctors Surgeries, 7 Eleven & Petrol Stations.

Best Media Rates has both the experience and the contacts to get your ad campaign up on billboards for drivers, passengers, and public transport commuters to see.

It’s undeniable that billboard advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising, given how many people a single billboard can reach every day. However, billboard prices can be a bit more challenging to understand, especially for those that haven’t used the medium before.

When it comes to billboard advertising, Best Media Rates won’t let yours be passed by without attracting attention. We will make sure that your billboard fits your image and is well-positioned to catch as much attention as possible when it’s put up nice and high for your audience to see!

We offer a turn-key service, including artwork design.

If you want an Outdoor Advertising deal, Contact Best Media Rates Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Billboard advertising is a very effective medium of advertising, even in the age of digital media. With many cities attracting heavy traffic as people drive back and forth, billboard advertising sticks in the minds of everyday commuters.

No problem! Leave that to Best Media Rates. We can check the sizing of your desired billboards, and confirm this with you before you make the final decision about your add design.

Sometimes! However, this will depend on where your billboard will be set up, as sometimes, the billboard you have in mind may already be occupied.

Definitely! However, the exact placement of your ads will depend on the availability of our partners.

In general, billboard advertisements typically stay up for at least four weeks. However, many billboard campaigns last for several months. This is something that you can negotiate with our contacts and experts.

Billboards are priced according to size, location, and length of the agreement. We offer affordable and competitive pricing based on your business’ needs and requirements. Get in touch with us today for a customised quote.

Billboard Advertising | Best Media Rates
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Billboard Advertising Prices | Best Media Rates