Out of home advertising (OOH) has evolved to become one of the most effective ways for marketers to reach their target audience.  If done right, this form of advertising will deliver a sales boost to any business by building brand awareness, acquiring new customers and improving sales. Before we dive in to the different strategies that help you attain long-term success in advertising, here’s what Out of Home Advertising is all about.

What is Out of Home Advertising?

As the name suggests, Out of Home Advertising is a medium that targets people outside of their homes. Some of the popular forms of out of home advertising include ads on and inside buses, ads on trains; trams, billboard advertising, shopalites at major retailers including Aldi, Woolworths and Coles; petrol stations and convenience stores; office towers and many, many more.

4 Useful Ways to Enhance Out of Home Advertising Success

1. Use Precision Targeting to Reach the Most Specific Target Audience Possible

Rather than going all out and running advertisements to a wider market, you can use audience data to discover and target potential customers with OOH. This is called Programmatic Outdoor. Since out of home advertising is performance-driven, it allows brands to reach the right customers and encourage them to make purchases. This also lets you identify even more potential customers hidden in other markets. Besides targeting, your creative must be enticing enough for your audience to take action.

2. Implement Place-Based Strategies for In-Store Traffic:

Point-of-Interest targeting is one of the best things about OOH advertising. Ads are placed based on location, so it’s highly likely that your customers will respond to your ads. This is perfect for brick and mortar stores such as restaurants that aim to improve in-store foot traffic.

3. Analyse and Optimise Ad Campaigns When Required

Just like digital marketing, out of home advertising also helps businesses to consistently track the performance of their ad campaigns. This lets them identify opportunities to optimise their creative, fine tune audience targeting, and make necessary changes to improve the performance. With data driven insights, marketers can continue working on techniques that actually work and eliminate those that don’t. This gives them great results and better returns on ad spend.

4. Run Advertisements in Smaller Markets to Acquire New Customers at Lower Costs:

To make the most of your advertising budget, it makes total sense to look at smaller markets for gaining new customers. Popular advertising services help you market at reasonable billboard prices to your audience. It’s obvious that several brands want to get creative and display their advertisements in densely populated regions/cities, in an attempt to obtain as many customers as possible. But if your target audience do not exist in those markets, you are simply wasting your advertising money. Allocate your budget across smaller markets where there’s an audience relevant to your business.

Out of home advertising allows businesses to refine and execute the most effective ad campaigns based on your budget and goals. Get in touch with a reputable billboard advertising service for assistance.