Radio advertisement is a perfect way to expand your business, raise the popularity of your brand and generate revenue. If you are interested in figuring out the radio advertisement basics and discovering how to solve common obstacles, such as how to pick the best channel, the costs involved, which formats of radio advertising will fit your brand, or how to literally start the operation.

What is Radio Advertising?

Radio ads purchase advertisements in order to advertise goods or services. Advertisers pay airtime to commercial radio stations and, in return, the radio station delivers to its viewing public the advertiser’s commercial. How do you, as a company owner, take advantage of best radio advertising rates? How can you get your intended audience to hear the message from your radio ad?

Most radio advertising agency provide several types of advertisements that an advertiser can use in radio ads, similar to how advertisers can pursue multiple print advertising choices (e.g. newspaper vs. magazine) or advertising options. Let’s look at a couple of the radio advertising forms that are more common.

Different Radio Commercial Types

There are different forms of ads for radio from which you can pick for the best radio advertising rates. You can choose which will better serve the particular promotional strategy needs by defining and describing the different styles.

Radio Live Reads

During radio live read, the radio personality reads out the advert live on television. Listeners are now acquainted with the voice of the radio presenter and are more likely to partake in the advert. Live readings even make the brand stand out from the others, shining your message like a spotlight.

Sponsorships by Radio

This kind of commercial is for those hoping for a discreet solution to their advertising on the air. On that specific radio station, you can opt to sponsor news, tournaments, athletics, traffic or some of the daily programming.

Let’s look at some benefits of funded ads:


High participation is the key benefit of a sponsorship commercial, particularly as it is a sponsored competition where listeners are invited to call in to compete and stand a chance of winning cash prizes or other types of awards.


In most ways, promoted advertisements appear first in the commercial break, which ensures that before they switch stations, the advert will attract more viewers. But, since most audiences appear to be faithful to a single station, it is not often that individuals move stations.

Testimonials on the radio

There is something comforting about reading the interactions of other persons regarding a certain good or service. That’s just what testimonial adverts are; people offer a real-life account of how they found the product or service. As people, if someone else has done it before, we are more relaxed doing something different and we know in our heads that content is made for the main purpose of making something enticing for you to buy into it. The use of testimonial advertising makes the viewer more receptive and gives the company credibility.

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