Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is very effective because of its ability to easily capture the attention of many people. According to research, the alertness level of people goes up 2.5 times more when they are outdoors. This means that people are more likely to respond to brand messaging and other visual signals when they are outside. Among the different types of OOH advertising, advertising on buses easily stands out because of its powerful influence on many viewers. Here are the major reasons why you should include bus advertising as part of your next marketing plan.

Hard to Ignore

Advertisements on buses are somewhat magical because they are almost impossible to avoid. Unlike TV and radio ads, people who are viewing them cannot skip or change the channels whenever they feel like doing so. According to a leading media services firm that offers the best bus advertising rates, ads on buses are almost impossible to ignore because they are just there right in front of you screaming with meaningful brand messages.

People Are Likely to Look Up Online Whatever They See in Bus Ads

Researchers found that bus and other types of OOH advertising are four times more likely to result in online activity compared to print, radio and TV. Given how curious our brains are when we are outdoors, we are bound to look up online whatever we see interesting on the bus ads. When something captures our attention, we tend to look further and further online until our curiosity is satisfied.

Wider Audience Reach

Bus ads are great because they can bring a brand’s message to a wide range of audiences. Common bus riders are people from all walks of life including students, professionals, tourists and families. With the help of simple research, you can focus your ads to a larger demographic of people if you want to make the most out of your ad expenses. To learn more about bus advertising cost and other important details, contact any leading media services in your area.

Creates Empathy and Trust Among Consumers

A study found that 77 percent of customers think that a brand is more desirable if they use bus advertising and other forms of OOH advertising. Aside from trust and empathy, bus ads also help establish a sense of belongingness and hope among the bus riders. The messages help people reflect about their lives and engage them in issues that truly matter in their daily lives.