In this blog series, we’ll answer some of the most asked questions about Bus Advertising. 

Where will my ad run?

All buses run from specific depots. Across a capital city, there a multiple depots. In regional areas there one, two or more depots depending on the size of the depot. Your ad will run across the entire geographic spread of the chosen depot. Most metro depots will run the CBD and back. Which depot is right for you? At BMR we carefully select the depots where your customers live or work to ensure your message is delivered to the right eyeballs.

What ad formats are available?

Small Formats include: Metrobacks (1200mm w x 600mm h on the back of buses) Portrait rears (600mm w x 1200mm h on the back of buses); Portrait Sides. These are the most cost efficient ad formats. Our favourite is the Portrait Rear for it’s ad shape and cost effectiveness, followed by the Metro Back for the ability to granularly target specific depots and it’s cost efficiency.

Larger formats include: Showcases; SuperSides: Full Wraps; and Double Deckers.

BMR has access to city wide, eastern seaboard and national distress deals, some are 90% off. Why? The closer it get’s to the posting date and if the media us unsold, the media company will flash sell the inventory. This is called distress bus advertising. They come to BMR to sell it, so check in with us for distress bus advertising.

Can I Choose a Specific Bus Route?

There are some specific targeting options, such as the Parramatta loop, however the norm is that no one bus runs the same route daily. They change routes daily to spread the bus advertising to a wider audience. If you want to target specific routes, we recommend Bus Shelter advertising (aka Street Furniture)

What time of day will my ad run?

In all markets, the busiest times are of course morning and early evening peak hour. This is when the majority of audience reach for your bus advertising will be achieved. Generally buses will be on road 16 to 18 hours a day, with intervals for driver changes. We often choose depots that have the longest run to the CBD so that the bus is on road for the longest period of time in peak hour