The pandemic has truly affected almost all of the industries in the country. The business sector was truly challenged and felt the impact of the health crisis when the lockdown happened months ago. For several weeks, the businesses in many suburbs and areas in Sydney, as well as other cities in the country were in stealth mode.

The trend has also affected the out of home industry in some way. However, everything is starting to improve as establishments begin to slowly open over the past few days. This gives hope to the bus advertising and the out of home sector as we enter the last quarter of the month.

The Outdoor Media Association recently released a report showing positive signs for the sector. The sector is expecting a 50.5% increase in its net media revenue for the year’s third quarter. OMA CEO mentioned in an interview that the out of home industry is expecting recovery in the last quarter of 2021 as the vaccination rates in the country continue to increase.

Advertising companies are also offering competitive and discounted bus advertising rates or bus advertising costs to attract more clients. Low rates will be paired with innovative virtual initiatives in the sector to gear up the stage for potential bus advertising clients.

Among the important findings in the report is the 29.3% rise in the year-to-date revenue. Despite the lockdowns, the bus advertising and the entire out of home sector stay positive after posting around $53 million increase in revenue from the same period last year.

The efforts to more effective and innovative advertising are constant in the sector. In the early part of September, the industry made public the important results of its neuroscience research on how out of home advertisements like the ones we see on buses affect the human brain. The significant findings will definitely be used by advertising companies to help firms get more sales and better performance this year and for the years to come.

With the improving economic trend, businesses are highly recommended to advertise while bus advertising costs and bus advertising rate discounts are available. Moreover, this method is cost-efficient since it ensures that your marketing campaigns will reach as many individuals as possible on a daily basis.

On top of the special bus advertising rates and bus advertising cost offers, companies also allow their clients to negotiate the days that their campaign will run. In addition to this, businesses can choose where their bus advertisements will run. This is the best time to relaunch your advertising campaigns and maximise buses visibility to recover from the financial challenges posed by the pandemic since last year.